fredag den 19. august 2011

Ancles of a Dumbass

Hey asses, the title describes what i am going to write about pretty well.
So you guys probably didn't know that i am a basketball player ( very enthusiastic ) i love the game and i use alot of my time practising it, but the thing is i have these dumbass ancles, or as we would refer to them in "basketball language", "weak ancles" today i sprained my right ancle for the second time since the vacation, and it ended 10 days ago, so it sucks so very hard!
It is actually not that good to have sprained ancle(s) when you want to be practising 5 times a week, so i've found out.
The last 3 months i have probably sprained each my ancles about 3-4 times.
I do all sorts of special training for the ancles, but i still keep spraining them....
I am probably going to buy some "ancle braces" heard that would help!
I sure hope that something soon changes 'cause i am pretty sure spraining my ancles this often is not healthy at all :b
So yeah i have what i would call "ancles of a dumbass"
Do you guys have any suggestions on what could help ?
Hope to be up and running again soon!

- Daniel

4 kommentarer:

  1. Sorry no suggestions for what to do for a sprain that you havnt already mentioned. Hate getting that though fortunately havnt had one in a couple years.

  2. Ankle braces are what you need.

  3. Maybe talk to a doctor about your ankle

  4. High-top shoes could help, otherwise, Idunno