fredag den 12. august 2011

Introduction from dumbasses

Hey, welcome to our blog "thougts from dumbasses".
Yeah "our" This is a blog made by me and my friend (Daniel and Sebastian)!
The blog is going to be All english so that more People Can understand.
We are both going to blog, not always together or about the same things or with the same opinions.
Sometimes yes, but not to often.
The blog wont be like a diary or anything like that, we Will write when we fell like it!
Fell free to ask questions, but when you do please start the questions with "dear dumbasses" it would be awesome!
WARNING : This blog is probably going to involve bad spelling and possible alot of crazy stuff, but what could you expect after All the blog's name is "Thougts from dumbasses".
All readers of the blog Will be calles our little "asses" :D

-Daniel and Rauwz/Sebastian

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